Translations by Shannon

☆ Special – Obigami Messages

Hitori no Sekai de [独りの世界で] // 9.10.2008

Koko ni Iru yo [ココニイルヨ]
Amebito to Hana [雨人と花]
Nokori Fumi [残り文]

Ningen Shikkaku [人間・失格] // 3.11.2009

Mukan no Juunin [無感の住人]
Kuroi Zakuro [黒い石榴]
Kokoro Moyou [こころもよう]
Bokura no Uta [僕らの歌]
Shikkaku [失格]
☆ –Hoshi no Nai Ginga [星のない銀河]
☆ –Uta no Ito [歌の糸]

Hikari wa Kage [光は影] // 9.23.2009

Hikari wa Kage [光は影]
Wakakute Itai Haru no Naka [若くて痛い春の中]

Kono Yoru wo Koete [この夜を越えて] // 10.21.2009

Kono Yoru wo Koete [この夜を越えて]
☆★ -Daisan Bouryoku [第三暴力]

Kanbai Ongenshuu ~Ano Subarashiki Hibi wo Mou Ichido~ [完売音源集~あの素晴らしき日々をもう一度~] // 1.30.2010

Akai Kabe [赤い壁]
Shuuchakueki [終着駅]
Boku no Kotae [僕の答え]
Sore Totomo ni… [それと共に・・・]
Shi ni Ikiru [死に生きる]
Yasuragu Katachi [安らぐ形]
★ -Shikata ga Nai [シカタガナイ]
Aoku Ho [青く歩]
Kyuon [救音]

Sansan [燦燦] // 4.21.2010

Daremo Shiranai [誰も知らない]
Yojin ni Ataerareta Seimei no Kachi [余人に与えられた生命の価値]
Suna no Kokugen [砂の刻限]
–Kono Yoru wo Koete [この夜を越えて]
Utsusenai Sugata Omoi Egaku Sugata [映せない姿 思い描く姿]
Renon [レノン]
Memento Mori [メメント・モリ]
Abata mo Ekubo [痘痕も靨]
–Hikari wa Kage [光は影]
San [燦]

Hinadori [雛鳥] // 12.8.2010

Hinadori [雛鳥]
Kanjou no Canvas [感情のキャンバス]
☆ –Kamisama wa Inai [神様はいない]

Ongaku wo Ataetekurete Arigatou Gozaimashita [音楽を与えてくれてありがとうございました] // 9.21.2011

-Hinadori [雛鳥]
-Kono Yoru wo Koete [この夜を越えて]
-Wakakute Itai Haru no Naka [若くて痛い春の中]
-Hoshi no Nai Ginga [星のない銀河]
-Memento Mori [メメント・モリ]
-Hikari wa Kage [光は影]
Message [メッセージ]
Musical Tempo
-Abata mo Ekubo [痘痕も靨]
-Kanjou no Canvas [感情のキャンバス]
-Renon [レノン]
-San [燦]
Kawazu [かわず]

-Koko ni Iru yo [ココニイルヨ]
Kasa [傘]
-Nokori Fumi [残り文]
-Shikkaku [失格]
-Uta no Ito [歌の糸]
-Mukan no Juunin [無感の住人]
-Amebito to Hana [雨人と花]
-Kokoro Moyou [こころもよう]
– Kuroi Zakuro [黒い石榴]
★-Shikata ga Nai [シカタガナイ]
-Yasuragu Katachi [安らぐ形]
-Bokura no Uta [僕らの歌]
Ongakushiki [音楽式]

☆ – This is a bonus track
★ – This has no printed lyrics

    • Sesaru 69ker
    • December 26th, 2010

    ‘Hinadori’ lyrics please!!!

    • I will work on the lyrics tomorrow! Please wait a little while longer! :D

        • Sesaru 69ker
        • December 27th, 2010


    • ASO7Nana
    • December 29th, 2010

    there is a 3rd lyrics could you translat it to romaji too please???
    it’s a hiden track preview song which is promising ^^

    just like the hidden track in ningen shikaku

    thank you very much ^^

    • For Kamisama wa Inai? I can work on that and the other two from Ningen Shikkaku if you would like those. I’ve been meaning to anyways xD
      I wish I had the full MP3’s to the hidden ones~ D:

    • ASO7Nana
    • December 30th, 2010

    thank you very much ^^
    well i just found out hoshi no nai ginga on youtub few months ago i was able to get in in mp3 if you want i can send it to you
    for Kamisama wa Inai i also have it in mp3, i took it from the cd but it is really a short preview TT^TT

    • Ah, I’ve never heard of Hoshi no Nai before! I’m listening to it on Youtube now, I’ll make an MP3 later. I have the Kamisama wa Inai preview also. I wish it was longer ;A;

    • ASO7Nana
    • December 30th, 2010

    me to ^^
    i had (and i think you also had) to listen to 9 silence track to finaly hear kamisama wa inai
    i hope they soon release a single or an album so we can fully hear it x3

    • Me too~ I was wondering what was up with the nine dead-air tracks. I thought that they had recorded their voices or something xD.
      Hopefully it’ll be on the next single!

    • ASO7Nana
    • December 30th, 2010

    me to but nothing only silence xP
    say, do you have uta no ito in a mp3 file???? i just can seem to find that one ^^”

    i’m looking forward to it ^3^

    • I’ve never even heard Uta no Ito before D: My CD only had the main six tracks, no bonuses. I can’t find it online either. ;A;

        • ASO7Nana
        • December 30th, 2010

        that s*cks TT^TT
        lets hope then for it to be release in cd and not only live =)
        i really hope they become well known so they can go overseas xD

      • Yes~ xD I would love for them to come overseas for a live ;A;

    • Leo
    • May 22nd, 2011


    • anitasis
    • June 13th, 2011

    I have Nigen Shikkaku CD and there’s no other hidden track besides Hoshi no nai ginga.

    • ASO7Nana
    • July 8th, 2011

    M disbands next month and they will release a Best of

    BEST ALBUM「音楽を与えてくれてありがとうございました」

    i can not read everything but i feel that there are new songs ^^

    • ASO7Nana
    • July 8th, 2011

    the track list
    8.Musical Tempo


    (sorry for the double post ^^” )

    • All songs are previously released except for the following, which are new:

      7.メッセージ (Message)
      8.Musical Tempo
      13.かわず (Kawazu)

      5.歌の糸 (Uta no Ito)

        • ASO7Nana
        • July 9th, 2011

        that’s what i gessed too (i tryed to put in romaji last night, it was a bit difficult thought xDDD)
        there is also ongakushiki which is the lat single (live distributed ><)
        i'm a bit disapointed that they didn't put kamisama wa inai though TT^TT

  1. December 29th, 2012
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